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We're looking for a little "kickstart" to get our record out and about in the world today. We will use your contributions to help record, mix, master and promote this record. The total amount may seem like a large number, but today's competitive market has ensured that connections and forward momentum are no longer generated with a smile and a handshake.


Why now? We're ready. We've grown as musicians, people and a band. This is the group that speaks the same language, knows the scope of the songs, and performs the material with the intensity it deserves. We are equally as excited to be working with the talented Jeff Plankenhorn as our producer! ( ). Having seen the band develop at our mutual home base Strange Brew ( ), Jeff understands the raw energy Good Company delivers live. Cari, Jeff and the band are looking forward to capturing that energy in the studio.


We plan to spend a little less than half the contributions for the recording, mixing and mastering process ($6500-$9000). We plan on paying everyone involved for their time as that is the right thing to do. We will need to use some of the funding to produce the merchandise we have for rewards and to organize the house/festival concerts ($1500-$3000). The remainder ($8000+) will be distributed to the promotional company(ies) we find will best support our interest. We hope that with your contribution, we will hit our goal, and then be able to court a PR firm to push our record to radio, critical reviews, and possibly yield management and booking teams. We have recorded albums in the past for ten thousand dollars, but they were never reviewed or passed on to radio, or if they did make it to the station, they didn't make it past the front desk. That's where the remaining money comes into play. There are promotional companies willing to go to bat for a product they believe in, and we feel like the product we will provide is worth sharing with EVERYONE!


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